Can Dogs be depressed?

Can Dogs Be Depressed

Even dogs can take blue. Learn about symptoms and treatments for dog depression.

Maybe you just moved or brought a new baby home. From blue, your energetic dogs are often withdrawn and lossless. Can your dog be depressed?

Yes, say experts. And dogs can be depressed is not much different from depression in humans.

When Jodie Richers’ dog, Bada, died in 2002, her other two dogs, Terrace and Pumba,

went through mourning. “We were all upset, but we overcame it,” said Roswell, Ga’s Richers. everything they enjoy. “

But when Pumba died in 2007, he couldn’t get anything out of his fear of Terrace. “It got worse,” Richers said. “At first he just shook.

Then he wouldn’t go for a walk and he stopped eating, he stopped drinking. He spent all his time hiding in a closet or behind the large mirror in my bedroom.

Richers’ vet diagnosed with a fluffy, 35-pound mixed-breed dog depression.

Can Dogs Get Depressed?

Can dogs be depressed

DVM general manager Bonnie Beaver, of the American College of Veterinary Behavior,

says veterinarians don’t really know that dogs can suffer from depression.”It’s hard to know because we can’t ask them,” said Beaver,

a veterinary expert in animal behavior at the small animal clinic at Texas B & M University’s Veterinary Faculty. 

In Clinical practice, this is the only explanation that has certain conditions.

Although it is not uncommon for pets to fall, it is rare for dogs to suffer from prolonged depression, especially during periods of change, Beaver said.

What are the symptoms of dog depression?

Can Dogs be Depressed

DVM John Ciribassi, former president of the American Livestock Behavior Association,

said that the symptoms of dog depression are very similar to those in humans. “The dogs will retreat.

They become passive. Eating and sleeping habits often change. They disagree with what they once enjoyed. “

But veterinarians stimulate these symptoms, it can mean that a dog has a medical problem,

so the first mode of action should always be a complete check by a veterinarian. Beaver said,

Turning the pet around and not wanting to walk anymore can be arthritis pain.

Causes of Dog Depression

Can Dogs be Depressed

Beaver said that major changes in a dog’s life can lead to periods of depression.

These include moving to a new home, new spouse, or baby at home or adding another pet.

A change in the dog’s schedule, for example, being at home on the job can also cause the dog to fall.

However, the two most common triggers of severe dog depression are the loss of an animal or loss of the owner.

And be careful that the dog does not only respond to the reactions of other people in the house.” Beaver said ” Dogs take over our emotions,

so if the owner dies, the dog may be reacting to the misery of others,” Or the dog may not know he’s used to it, it just emphasizes him.”

Dog Depression Treatments

Ciribassi said that most dogs return from depression with a little extra TLC from a few days to a few months.

“Keep them busy, do more than they want to do, do some more exercise and they should be fine,” he said.

And reward them when they show signs happiness,’ Beaver said

The only thing that will move your dog a little more tail is to take it to small strolls every day, praise and reward when he looks happier.” Said.

Be careful not to encourage negative behavior by carefully defending a depressed dog, and Beaver acts when moping. The dog will think that it rewards him for this behavior.

Sometimes, if the dog can gets depressed due to a friend’s loss, buying another pet may help, says Ciribassi.

However, he said that this should be done carefully, taking into account the needs of both the family and the dog.

Medicines for Dog Depression

Can dogs be depressed

If anything else doesn’t work, medications can help dogs overcome their depression.

Karen Sueda, a diploma from the American College of Veterinary Behaviors,

said the drugs used for depressed dogs are the same as those used by people with depression – Paxil, Prozac,

and Zoloft. It also uses Clomicalm, an FDA-approved drug for the treatment of separation anxiety in dogs.

“It is important for people to address this problem before it gets too bad,” said Sueda.

“When the cases reach me, they’re bad. However, most cases can be successfully treated early with behavioral change and environmental enrichment, so it does not have to reach the point where we should use medication. “

Beaver said it can take up to two months for medications to take effect. However,

unlike people who have often been on antidepressants for years, most dogs can get better in six to 12 months and then be removed from medication, he said.

Getting Back from Dog Depression

Can dogs be depressed

In the end, it wasn’t driving or dog parks, or even the antidepressants Richer tried to help the dog Terrace.

Instead, he is a friendly rescue dog, with whom he agrees to feed for a week. “Benji came in, ran up the stairs, found Terrace behind the mirror, and when I got there,

he lay beside him and licked,” Richer said. “It was better in a week. Now he is the happiest dog.

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